Monday, December 10, 2018

UltraHeroix spotlight: The Black Wasp

Hey all,
It's been awhile but we are back and I would like to spotlight our newest superheroine, the Black Wasp. I would like to star with her back story.
The Black Wasp in her civilian life is an investigative blogger. She reports on crime and corruption in her small city and does someting about it in her superheroine persona. She has developed allies in the police department who has become frustrated with corruption and feed her info and back up when she needs it. She is also supported by her neighbors and supporters of her website by providing funding and tech support for her superheroine activities. Although she has no super-powers, she uses her intelligence and fighting skills to make a difference in her city. Although still a rookie, she has become a force to be reckoned with.

I was inspired by the character Black Canary and the superheroine show "Black Scorpion".

In her debut story, we have Black Wasp feeling confident, even a bit cocky from her victories fighting crime and petty criminals. Unfortunatley, she runs up against her first super villain, Deadeye! This veteran mercenary pulls no punches on the rookie superheroine as he pummels, captures and even shoots the Black Wasp. It might be a short career for the superheroine so be sure to check out her adventure at

Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Return of Arachne Dame

Hey folks,
We are back after a bit of a hiatus with this blog but we are back and what better way to make a return than focusing on the return of a long absent than Arachne Dame! The last time we saw Arachne Dame, She was taken prisoner by Dark Ultra for C.L.A.S.H.

I figured this would be a good opportunity to go over her origin and what  what happened to the character while she was missing during the C.L.A.S.H storyline.

Arachne Dame is a super heroine who takes on more investigative role in fighting crime. Besides normal crime fighting, she investigates corruption and conspiracy stories that people submit to her "Web Wave". The Web Wave is a blog/video channel that she uses to expose criminals and corrupt people of influence like politicians and rich people with questionable backgrounds. Her audience can submit stories or cases and if there is reasonable proof then she would investigate and bring those to justice or expose the evil to the public on her Web Wave. Though funding from the public by donations she is able to make this crusade a full-time career.

Sometimes, the people she investigates and exposes uses their political connections to retaliate and Arachne Dame becomes a target by the authorities. Unlike her fellow super heroines, she is more seen as an illegal vigilante that is not seen as an officer of justice like Lady Ultra or Dynafly. This is also why she mostly works alone as she can't trust her fellow heroines from arresting her and their own distrust of her.

When we are introduced to Arachne Dame, she is investigating the rise of a mysterious new crime organization, C.L.A.S.H (Criminal Legion Against Super Heroes/Heroines). This has also made the organization aware of her and tried to silence her before she exposes their existence before they are ready. The send the mercenary X-Diablo to silence her but she manages to escape and report her story. The second time they attack is when C.L.A.S.H was in their full push to take over Sol City
and were eliminating the superheroes. They sent a cyborg after her. Although she defeated it she was eventually captured by Dark Ultra.

She was then held prisoner by the organization until she was freed by Lady Ultra after the fall of C.L.A.S.H. She has since been resumed to her investigations and maintaining the Web Wave. The experience has made her tougher and more determined than ever to expose evil. She modified her costume and tactics to make herself more effective and to reflect this new attitude.

In the "The Spider Strikes", she returns to the heroine rotation of as she encounters the mercenary, "Deadeye" on one of his missions.

Which is where we resume her story here:"Arachne Dame: The Spider Strikes" .

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Movie Review- "Thor: Ragnorok"

Hi folks,
We are back with a quick movie review for "Thor: Ragnorok". Let's start off with me saying that I love this movie. For an incredibly dark movie it was quite funny and entertaining. We saw the deaths of many well known characters and the introduction of new ones including the awesome "Valkrie"!

We start the movie with an awesome battle with Thor that shows his strength and powers to demonstrate what a powerhouse he is. Then before you know it we are thrusted into the main storyline as a well known character passes on and we are introduced to the main villainess "Hela".
Hela is the most powerful villain we have encountered yet and she owns every scene she is in. Thor is banished and on his quest back he teams up with the Hulk, Valkrie and a few others to try and put an end to villainess's conquest to rule the universe.

The breakout character for me was Valkrie, played by Tessa Thompson. She was a very strong character physically and personality wise that even rivals Thor himself. I look forward to seeing more of her in the Marvel Universe. Tessa Thompson did an awesome job. She would make a great Lady Ultra for the UltraHeroix universe.

This  movie is pretty well contained that you don't necessarily need to see the other movies to know what is going on but if you have then you see a lot of cameos and easter eggs that will make you jaw drop. The storyline, music and character were very well played out and came together nicely. In a nutshell this was a really fun movie and definitely one of the best of 2017.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Movie Review- Wonder Woman (2017)

Hey folks, we're back! This time to do a review on Gal Gadot's "Wonder Woman" movie. I have to say right away that this is currently the best superheroine mainstream movie! Patty Jenkins did an excellent job as director in that she balanced a great story with awesome action. The look and feel of the movie feels like it comes right of the Comic book.

The story is simple but effective as basically an origin movie that takes place mostly during the World War 1 period. We see Wonder Woman grow up, recieve training, discovering her powers and venturing into "Man's world" to save it from the God of war, Ares. It was incredible to see the Amazons as strong and sexy as they fight and dominate the Nazis that invade their island.

Gal Gadot did an awesome job as Diana Princ
e, Wonder Woman. She came off as strong and charming and you really root for her in the movie. We also have Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, the love interest for Diana. He was really good and plays off well with Gadot as they show great chemistry together. One of my favorite characters was played by Robin Wright. She was Diana's aunt and trainer as she prepared her for possible dangers.

I have to say this was an awesome movie and I would put it in the top 10 if best super hero movies and best in super heroine movies. I can only look forward to the sequel and it looks like we'll get one after seeing the success of this one. We can see this Wonder Woman next in "Justice League" later in 2017.  

Monday, February 6, 2017

Fan film: "Green Goblin's Last Stand"

Hi all, for this edition I wanted to share something a little different and focus on one of my inspirations for producing my super heroine stories. The fan film I'm talking about is a spiderman film called "The Green Goblin's Last Stand". What made this production so special is what was to be made in such a small to non-existent budget  (only $400) but with a ton of passion.

This was created by Dan Poole in 1992, before the first Spider-man movie in the early 2000's.
The was his passion project since he was a huge Spiderman fan and he saw this as an opportunity to get into the film-production business as an actor/stunt-man. In fact in this fan-film he plays as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and he did all of his own stunts. The highlight os this video is seeing him doing the crazy but awesome stunts from swinging from buildings on  rope to diving into boxes and debris. The prop-making is also very interesting and creative. The storyline is based on the classic "Death of Gwen Stacy" storyline that pits Spiderman against his most dangerous arch-nemesis, Green Goblin in their most famous battle. Based on the budget constraints and location limitations, Dan Poole had to modify the storyline to be able to shoot and it works out great.

It's also cool to see how he used the environment and self-made props in this. It did give me a couple of ideas for my own productions. It should be noted that this was made in the early 1990's before Hi-definition cameras and the lighting is poor and the acting is a bit cheesy, campy and over the top but this kinda added to the charm of this video. It should also be known that this was one of the first fan-films to truly become one of the most popular in the fan-film genre and should be considered a  must see. it is incredible to see how far amateur film-making has come along since then. But something this has that others lack is that this has a lot of heart and there are a lot of tips that new, self-made film-makers can learn from.

I first this fan-film when I bought it at a comic book convention as a DVD back in 2004 and it has been one of my favorite DVD's of all time. It also had a documentary of the story behind the production and it was very enlightening and informative. Not only did I see the fan film but the hard work  and sacrifice that Dan Poole did and the "out of the box" thinking needed to create something special like this. As I've said the documentary was very helpful and I suggest anyone interested in film-making to check out the fan-film and documentary.

Today, you wouldn't be able to get the DVD anywhere since there are a lot copyright issues but fortunately both the film and documentary can be seen on Youtube. I suggest checking both out if you're a comic fan, aspiring film-maker and/or just a fan of fun stuff.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

UltraHeroix Spotlight: Killer Joke

Killer Joke

Hi Everyone,
We are back for the new year with a new video and a new look for . Be sure to check it out. As for the video, it debuts a new villain/anti-hero called "Killer Joke". She is a bit of a combination of Deadpool and Harley Quinn.

The reason I created this character is to be the arch-nemesis to the heroine, Nightfox. I wanted her to be funny but deadly, chaotic but an excellent fighter. She is someone that will keep Nightfox on her toes and sometimes get the better of her.

She doesn't have a set origin yet and Im not sure I will giver her one since I want her to be a bit of a mystery. All that we need to know is that she is a mercenary and one of her favorite type of jobs is assassinations.

That would be easy enough for her to be a villain but to be an anti-hero we could play that if she works for the highest dollar then some of her jobs could be going after other villains for the right place. Then we could also put her as a target by those same villains who want revenge or see her as a threat.

So this is our first new video for 2017! Be sure to check out "Nightfox: Killer Joke" at ! If we see enough positive reaction to Killer Joke then we would be seeing more adventures of with her in her own videos.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

UltraHeroix Spotlight: Megagirl


Hi Everyone,
After a little break we are back with the spotlight on our newest Superheroine...Megagirl! She is another another heroine for . This character is another Supergirl inspired heroine like Swiftgirl. She has the similar powers, weaknesses and origins but this version of the Supergirl inspired heroine is black and from another dimension.

Add "Megagirl: The Grim Trials"

Megagirl, as of now exists in another dimension...different from the one Lady Ultra and Swiftgirl exists in. I did this to be able to give her different story lines that won't interfere with the other heroines and to give her own distinct feel. I also feel we should have more African American super heroine 's and this would be a cool twist.

Add "Megagirl: The Grim Trials"

Which brings us to our first story with her, "Megagirl: The Grim Trials". In this story, Megagirl encounters one of our most powerful villains...Grimskull. Megagirl never encountered a powerful villain like this before and at first is very confident but soon the table turn as the villain gains the upper hand.
"Megagirl: The Grim Trials"

Grimskull is a demon from a dark dimension where he abduct people with great power and drains them to sustain himself and his home dimension. He follows a particular set of rules where he must defeat his foe 3 times to get their power while his opponent must only defeat him once. This is harder than it sounds because Grimskull has dark powers that allows him to change form, manipulate energy and open portals besides having great strength and durability. We have met Grimskull before when he fought Dynafly and she was only narrowly able to escape.

"Megagirl: The Grim Trials"

In this story Grimskull has been observing Megagirl for some time and gauged her strength and powers. He sees her as great source of energy. He also discovered her weaknesses in particular magic and Kryptonite. He uses his powers to create a storm and force Megagirl to him in his lair. They battle and after each of his victory Grimskull changes form to battle our heroine until she is thoroughly beaten and weakened for him to carry off into his dimension as his prisoner.

Add "Megagirl: The Grim Trials"

Monica Jade plays Megagirl and she does a phenomenal job in the role portraying the character very heroically and in peril. Check it out at !