Monday, August 10, 2015

UltraHeroix spotlight: Agent Wonder

Agent Wonder

Hey folks,
Cathy Lee Crosby "Wonder Woman"
I'm happy to introduce our newest character, "Agent Wonder"! At the first glimpse you can see that this character is inspired by the Cathy Lee Crosby version of Wonder Woman from the 1970's. I really liked that look and it was a shame that we only saw it once  and was mostly forgotten with the exception of a few fans, myself included. In that TV movie, Wonder Woman was more of a secret agent than a superhero.

So I decided to bring to bring the costume back and work with that background in the form of "Agent Wonder". Agent Wonder is a combo of Wonder Woman and Captain America, a patriotic character that work for a secret agency called S.H.A.R.D (Super Human Agency for Research and Defense). As an agent she handles super-human and other un-natural threats that are too much for ordinary agents to handle.

Agent Wonder Vs. Mentallix
She doesn't really have any super-powers other than being in peak human shape, great investigative ability and superb hand to hand combat skills. With these abilities she takes on super-villains, enemy agents and dangerous creatures that none other can handle. She would also team up with other super heroines to handle certain cases.

In our first video with this character, Agent Wonder tries to bring in a rogue agent called "Mentallix". A superhuman with psionic powers. Normally this would be more than a normal agent can handle but it's right up Agent Wonder's alley. Check it out here! Agent Wonder Video
Agent Wonder Vs. Mentallix

Agent Wonder Vs. Mentallix
I'm really having a lot of fun with this character in that I can put her in many different situations/scenarios and would guarantee a good fun story. In a future story, Agent Wonder will be a on a rescue mission of a super heroine that we haven't seen in awhile and down the line I plan to have her go up against a few monstrous creatures and the mad scientists that created them. So, there is no limit with this character.

 Be sure to check to check out her first video at and in the near future for even more adventures.