Monday, February 2, 2015

Supergirl movie (1984)

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For this installment, I want to talk about one of my favorite super heroine movies and that would be the Supergirl movie from back in 1984. It's not a great movie but a fun one as we see the girl of steel fight evil and falls into a few perils herself.

First off, the actress who plays Supergirl was perfectly cast with Helen Slater. She looked great in the costume and portrayed the heroine very heroically and sold the few perilous moments very well too. The costume itself is the best super girl outfit you could imagine and captures the imagination very well.

The story begins in Argo city, a former city of the planet Krypton existing alone in space (or inner space). The city is being kept alive by an ancient artifact but when it is lost, Kara sets off alone to retrieve it to save her people. She follows the trail to Earth and develops super powers like her cousin Superman. Unfortunately, they never meet in the movie. She dons a similar super outfit and explores her temporary home and makes a few friends.

Supergirl in Phantom Zone
The artifact is found by a witch, who then uses it to boost her magical powers for evil purposes until Supergirl confronts her on a few occasions in the movie until Supergirl is captured and sent off to another dimension. This is my favorite part of the movie as we finally get to see the infamous Phantom Zone and Supergirl encounters peril she never dealt with before. With some help, Supergirl manages to escape the phantom zone for the final showdown with the evil witch.

This is a fun movie, although it was seen as flop and not as good as the first 2 Superman movies I feel like it is a must see if you are Christopher Reeve era superman fan and especially if you are a super heroine fan. You can get the DVD at

I really enjoy the Supergirl character and this movie was very inspirational in my creation of Swiftgirl, who is inspired by this version of Supergirl.

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