Saturday, November 19, 2016

UltraHeroix Spotlight: Megagirl


Hi Everyone,
After a little break we are back with the spotlight on our newest Superheroine...Megagirl! She is another another heroine for . This character is another Supergirl inspired heroine like Swiftgirl. She has the similar powers, weaknesses and origins but this version of the Supergirl inspired heroine is black and from another dimension.

Add "Megagirl: The Grim Trials"

Megagirl, as of now exists in another dimension...different from the one Lady Ultra and Swiftgirl exists in. I did this to be able to give her different story lines that won't interfere with the other heroines and to give her own distinct feel. I also feel we should have more African American super heroine 's and this would be a cool twist.

Add "Megagirl: The Grim Trials"

Which brings us to our first story with her, "Megagirl: The Grim Trials". In this story, Megagirl encounters one of our most powerful villains...Grimskull. Megagirl never encountered a powerful villain like this before and at first is very confident but soon the table turn as the villain gains the upper hand.
"Megagirl: The Grim Trials"

Grimskull is a demon from a dark dimension where he abduct people with great power and drains them to sustain himself and his home dimension. He follows a particular set of rules where he must defeat his foe 3 times to get their power while his opponent must only defeat him once. This is harder than it sounds because Grimskull has dark powers that allows him to change form, manipulate energy and open portals besides having great strength and durability. We have met Grimskull before when he fought Dynafly and she was only narrowly able to escape.

"Megagirl: The Grim Trials"

In this story Grimskull has been observing Megagirl for some time and gauged her strength and powers. He sees her as great source of energy. He also discovered her weaknesses in particular magic and Kryptonite. He uses his powers to create a storm and force Megagirl to him in his lair. They battle and after each of his victory Grimskull changes form to battle our heroine until she is thoroughly beaten and weakened for him to carry off into his dimension as his prisoner.

Add "Megagirl: The Grim Trials"

Monica Jade plays Megagirl and she does a phenomenal job in the role portraying the character very heroically and in peril. Check it out at !

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jungle Heroines

Seeing as we're in the middle of Summer I figured we'll focus on a special breed of heroines and that would be heroines of the jungle.  For awhile these ladies rival the popularity of their super heroine peers and in  a lot of cases they still do.

So let's focus on some of the more popular Jungle heroines. Everyone knows of "Jane" Tarzan's wife. Also known as Jane of the Jungle. She is
probably the most famous of the jungle heroines.

SHEENA: Queen of the Jungle. Sheena's origin is quite simple. She was an orphan who lived in the jungle and learned to communicate with animals. Her character was created in 1938. She had many comic book series, a movie and a television from 2000-2002.
I might do a movie review of the Sheena movie in the future but to give you an idea of it's background; It was produced in 1984 and starred Tanya Roberts. It wasn't a huge hit but manage to build up a cult following. In the future we might yet to see a new version in some form but for now we would most likely see her in the comic book form.

The next jungle heroine is Nyoka, The Jungle girl. She was created in 1941 and she was in a few movie serials during that time.

Nyoka's origin is that her family settled in Africa to treat and heal the natives, although it also seems Cult Retro" made some newer adventures which can be seen at .
like it was a way to get away from a criminal affair that her family was wrapped up in. As she grew up into a young woman she became a protector of the jungle and it's inhabitants. In her many
adventures she often ends up in peril and cliffhangers, part of the fun was seeing how she escaped from these situations.

These are just a few of the jungle heroines, others include Marvel Comics, Shanna the She-Devil. Wife Of Ka-Zaar nd they both defend the Savage Land. A hidden world in the Antartic where prehistoric creatures and mutants live.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

X-Men Apocolypse movie review

Hey all,
We're going to take a look at "X-Men: Apocolypse". First off, I want to say that it looks like Fox Studios is slowly embracing the comic roots of their franchises. "Deadpool" was a massive success by embracing the comic history and fun so now it seems that they tried to put a little of that in the X-Men franchise. Unfortunately, little is not enough.

Right off the back, the background story seems to be a rehash of previous X-men movies. Magneto is disgusted with the world and Professor X tries to stop his old friend and make him see the error of his ways.

The main story focuses on the new main villain, "Apocolypse". Apocolypse was a ruler from ancient Egypt and he was possibly the first mutant. His powers made him seem like a god back then and he was feared.  His subjects eventually revolted and he was sealed away for thousands of years. He awoke to the year 1983 where he found the world was ruled by lesser un-powered beings so he forms a small group called "The Four Horseman" to take over. Meanwhile, Professor X is expanding his school to include more mutant students and we meet the younger versions of the core X-Men. Eventually, the young X-Men must take on Apocoplypse and his Horsemen to save the world.

The new players were basically well played. I enjoyed the new actors who plays Storm, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and etc. While the returning actors did a great job in their established roles. I really enjoyed Olivia Munn as Psylocke. She was easily my favorite person/character in the movie. She looked the closest to her comic book counterpart playing the sexy but deadly mutant ninja (which is why you'll see more pics of her here).  You can also see that

Olivia is
having a lot of fun playing this character because it easily shows in her performance. I loved he costume and this was my favorite outfit of hers in the comic.

Another welcomed return was that of Quicksilver. He literally runs away with every scene that he's in and he quickly becomes and integral member of the team. We also get a quick cameo of Wolverine, his little side story was not well explained from the previous movie "X-Men:Days of Future past". His appearance was awesome but left more questions than what was answered. At least, this will serve as a bit of a taste in what we could expect in the final Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman in that this was the bloodiest fight we've ever seen him in and it sounds like they want his final movie to have an "R" rating thanks to the success of the "Deadpool" movie.

A new addition that was cool and had the potential to be better was Jubilee. The actress did a good job but unfortunately there was too little of her and she didn't have much of an impact on the movie. I'm not sure what role she'll play if she even appears in new movies.

The major disappointments were that of Apocolypse himself. Physically he's not as intimidating or large as his comic counterpart. He doesn't show his true potential until the end of the film and even then it was still a little underwhelming. The other Disappointment was Mystique. Jennifer Lawrence returns to play Mystique but you could see that heart wasn't in it. She appeared disinterested and lacked the energy that she had in the past in the role.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the movie feels to be rehashing a to of the same stuff we've seen in the previous X-Men movies and at this point in 2016 we've seen quite a bit of superhero movie where hero has fought hero and ironically the four horsemen villains has spots filled by X-men heroes and now fills a bit old.

I think for the next movie, they should not hold back and totally embrace the comic roots. Have a new story that does not revolve around the Magneto/Professor X relationship, have more comic accurate/colorful costumes and a new director with a different vision. The Deadpool movie embraced it crazy comic roots and it paid off immensely. It set a new, higher bar that the X-men franchise has to meet.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman

Hey Everyone, We are back with a new update! For this one, I want to talk a bit about the new Wonder Woman...Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. When we think of live action versions of wonder woman, the first person we think of is Linda Cater's version. Linda's version is probably the most loved and iconic by most fans. But her version is best for another era. 

For this generation, We needed a new version of this prolific super heroine. We would be getting this in the new movie "Batman V Superman", that was released in 2016. This would be the first time we would see the DC's heroic trinity together on screen so they all had to have the look and mannerisms that would fit in this movie universe.  

Say what you will about the movie itself but I feel that one of the best things about that movie is the introduction of this new Wonder Woman. First off, Gal Gadot has done a great job portraying the heroine. She comes off strong, smart and sexy. She can kick your butt and look great doing it. We don't get too much backstory of this Wonder Woman other than she has been around for hundreds of years.  She was even around during World War I. We should be getting more of her backstory in her own movie next year. But what we do know is that she is an awesome
fighter and very intelligent as she even outsmarts Batman in a key part of the movie.

She easily holds her own against an insanely powerful foe and is able to work alongside her fellow heroes. Her movements are very fluid and when she attacks, you could feel the power behind her punches and kicks.

The look of this Wonder Woman is pretty different from earlier incarnations in that she is wearing more of what is considered armor and the colors of it is not very bright. She looks like a greek warrior but there are traces of her original comic book costume that I think fits very well for this updated modern version of this Wonder Woman.

So now that "Batman V Superman" story is over, where does this leave our Wonder Woman? Well, She has her own movie coming out in 2017 and then she returns after that for the 2-part "Justice League" movie. Hopefully, she gets a few movies because I believe this version...Gal Gadot's version of Wonder Woman has a lot of story potential and great action to tell.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Television Review, "Supergirl" TV show

It's been worth the wait but it looks like we have a worthy super heroine television show. So far, Supergirl has been very impressive in how well it is staying in it's comic book roots. This show started in the Fall of 2015 and we are now enjoying the second half of the season in 2016.

The main character is played by Melissa Benoist, and she does an excellent job in the role as Supergirl. She portrays the heroine as inexperienced with something to prove early on in the season but as time goes on she becomes more self confident in her training with her powers and as she fights super villains.

The villains has been pretty good so far as we see a good variety from criminal masterminds to super powered aliens. I have to admit that the first half of the season had better fight scenes that was easier to see. In the second half of the season, the fights appear to be shorter and at night so it's not as easy to see or enjoy. Which leads me to the special effects, which has mostly been good. There has been a fe instances when things looked a bit subpar but the majority like the flight scenes and fight scenes looked great, which show that we've come along way for special effect since the 1980's and the original "Supergirl" movie.

The cast has been very good. Calista Flockhart has been great as Cat Grant, Kara's (Supergirl's secret identity) boss. She has been tough but showed a few signs of a soft heart. The rest of the cast has been strong. The story lines has been pretty easy to follow as we've seen mostly a new villain a week but there has been a few overarching story lines featuring evil krytonians and Maxwell Lord (the show's version of Lex Luthor).

So far, my favorite episode has been the pilot episode but there is enough for me and hopefully fans to keep coming back. I would only hope that they keep the current costume, which is great, they do better fight scenes and have more peril as they go on.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

2015 year in review for

Hi folks,
It's a little late but I wanted to do a quick recap for 2015, which has been a very interesting and successful year for The year went by pretty quick but I felt we had some great stories and introduced some awesome new characters and stories. The three main highlights are:

1: The introduction of Luna Starr.

I've always been a fan of Star Trek and i really enjoyed the female characters, especially from the original series. Although there has been a few cool stories/episodes I felt that there was not enough with action with the female characters. Which is why I created Luna Starr. I wanted to have a Star Trek-like character with a more Buck Roger's feel and storyline and I believe we captured that perfectly.  Thanks to the actress and the rest of the cast, we were able to create butt-kicking story where the heroine did kick a lot of butt but was also on the receiving end. I look forward to getting back to Luna Starr in 2016.

2: The introduction of Agent Wonder.

This was another new character that was a breakout hit. She was inspired by the Cathy Lee Crosby version of Wonder Woman in the 1970's that had more of a super agent feel than a superhero and that what I went for in both of her stories. I was a big fan of the costume that seemed abandoned by DC and we were able to bring it back and it looked great. The best thing about this character is that I feel like I could drop her in any situation/storyline and it would work. Look forward to Agent Wonder coming back in a big way for 2016.

3: The return of older characters.

We were able to finish off the Swiftgirl storyline that involved the return of her evil super-siblings and her victory over them after a long battle. We also saw the return of Crimson Cat and Dynafly taking on the leftovers from the C.L.A.S.H storyline.

So, What do we have in store for 2016? Well, The return of Luna Starr, Agent Wonder and Lady Ultra and Swiftgirl in more action packed stories. I plan to involve more Horror type elements in upcoming stories that would involve everyone favoriteVampire Sorceress, Devla! I thin the villains are going to have a big year for