Sunday, January 8, 2017

UltraHeroix Spotlight: Killer Joke

Killer Joke

Hi Everyone,
We are back for the new year with a new video and a new look for . Be sure to check it out. As for the video, it debuts a new villain/anti-hero called "Killer Joke". She is a bit of a combination of Deadpool and Harley Quinn.

The reason I created this character is to be the arch-nemesis to the heroine, Nightfox. I wanted her to be funny but deadly, chaotic but an excellent fighter. She is someone that will keep Nightfox on her toes and sometimes get the better of her.

She doesn't have a set origin yet and Im not sure I will giver her one since I want her to be a bit of a mystery. All that we need to know is that she is a mercenary and one of her favorite type of jobs is assassinations.

That would be easy enough for her to be a villain but to be an anti-hero we could play that if she works for the highest dollar then some of her jobs could be going after other villains for the right place. Then we could also put her as a target by those same villains who want revenge or see her as a threat.

So this is our first new video for 2017! Be sure to check out "Nightfox: Killer Joke" at ! If we see enough positive reaction to Killer Joke then we would be seeing more adventures of with her in her own videos.