Tuesday, October 27, 2015

UltraHeroix Spotlight: Ghost Talon

Hi all,
"Ghost Talon"
For this spotlight I would like to put the focus on Ghost Talon. A super heroine with a magical background she is one of the more powerful characters in the Ultraheroix.com Universe. She was originally a demon called Grim Talon who served Devla, the Vampire Sorceress.

Grim Talon
Grim Talon grew in power to the point where she felt that she didn't need to serve Devla anymore and she eventually turned on her master when she drained Devla and Lady Ultra's power.  It took the combined power of Devla and Lady Ultra to cast the demon back to the dark dimension. This was the start of a vicious rivalry between Devla and Grim Talon. This adventure could be seen in "Devla: Vampire Sorceress".

This continued on when Devla conjured a zombie to serve her and the two took on Grim Talon and easily defeated her. Devla had her revenge and
stripped Grim Talon of her power. With the dark power taken from her, all that remained was the light and she became Ghost Talon. This can be seen in "The Return of Devla".
"Devla's Revenge"

"Dark Betrayal"
As Ghost Talon, she became a more serious threat against Devla due to her being un-affected by a lot of Devla's dark powers, even the vampiric bite of Devla. Ghost Talon used her power to deal with super-natural threats, especially Devla, her sworn enemy.

Although Grim Talon is very powerful, which includes; super strength, energy projection, teleportation, magic casting and on rare occasions the ability to take new forms/change host bodies. She was still not powerful enough to defeat Dark Ultra even when she teamed up with Crimson Cat. as was seen in "Dark Betrayal". Now that Dark Ultra, has been dealt with, Grim Talon is focusing her attention back on super-natural/villainous threats, including Devla.

All of these adventures and soon to be more, can be seen at UltraHeroix.com !

Devla, Vampire Sorceress
Devla's Revenge
Dark Betrayal