Saturday, November 11, 2017

Movie Review- "Thor: Ragnorok"

Hi folks,
We are back with a quick movie review for "Thor: Ragnorok". Let's start off with me saying that I love this movie. For an incredibly dark movie it was quite funny and entertaining. We saw the deaths of many well known characters and the introduction of new ones including the awesome "Valkrie"!

We start the movie with an awesome battle with Thor that shows his strength and powers to demonstrate what a powerhouse he is. Then before you know it we are thrusted into the main storyline as a well known character passes on and we are introduced to the main villainess "Hela".
Hela is the most powerful villain we have encountered yet and she owns every scene she is in. Thor is banished and on his quest back he teams up with the Hulk, Valkrie and a few others to try and put an end to villainess's conquest to rule the universe.

The breakout character for me was Valkrie, played by Tessa Thompson. She was a very strong character physically and personality wise that even rivals Thor himself. I look forward to seeing more of her in the Marvel Universe. Tessa Thompson did an awesome job. She would make a great Lady Ultra for the UltraHeroix universe.

This  movie is pretty well contained that you don't necessarily need to see the other movies to know what is going on but if you have then you see a lot of cameos and easter eggs that will make you jaw drop. The storyline, music and character were very well played out and came together nicely. In a nutshell this was a really fun movie and definitely one of the best of 2017.