Friday, August 29, 2014

Web Series, "We Might Be Superheroes..."

Hey folks, I hope everyone will enjoy this labor day weekend. So let's start off with a rundown of an entertaining web series that can be found on youtube called "We might be Superheroes".  It features a girl super heroine team/ partnership. A butt-kicking, serious heroine named "Hope" and her partner, a less experienced but overly enthusiastic friend named "Faith". This series has been going on for a few years now as they tackle petty crooks, super-villains and an occasional monster and the series only seems to improve as they go. The characters are smart, funny and relatable as you get to see their normal day to day lives outside of the super heroics like enjoying a beer after a tough case or going on a road trip.

This pair of super heroines goes on crime-fighting adventures that has a tone of campiness of the 1960's Batman TV show but with a 21st century edge. It is produced by, Amusement Films . This Production company has experience in producing low budget films that are more heroine centric that ranges from comic book superhero stuff to campy horror themed adventures. Most of their productions have great fight choreography with some peril situations but is mostly girl-power themed and is PG rated type fun that fans of all ages could enjoy.

El Frenetico and Go-Girl
Girls from H.A.R.M
I've also got to mention the production team behind this series because they should get special recognition for excellent work. I've been a fan of "Amusement Films" for over ten year now since they produced films like "El Frenetico and Go-girl"and "The Girls from H.A.R.M", which I'll review in an upcoming posts. As I mentioned they have a flair for fun campiness but with modern stories, hip music and great fight choreography.  They make the most out of their small budget with creative stories, excellent choices in locations and simple but effective costumes. You could tell that they really love what they do as it shows in their work and they really now how to stretch a stretch a dollar to get what they want.

"We might be Superheroes" episodes can be seen on youtube via their channel or at their website at and their episodes usually run for less than 10 minutes so it's a great distraction and it's free. I'd like to wrap up this short post by saying that this series is an excellent little gem for the super heroine fans and the production gives me as a producer ,motivation to create what I love on my own limited budget.

Saturday, August 2, 2014 spotlight and Return of Lady Ultra...

Lady Ultra from

Hi all, This posting will serve a duel purpose. To spotlight our flagship character, Lady Ultra and her latest story lines .

Lady Ultra from
Lady Ultra has always been my oldest and favorite creation, which is why she's always been the main character for my stories. I created her way back in 2001 while I was taking a web design course and one of our assignments was to create a website on anything that interested us. At that time, I was (and still is) a comic book fan but I wanted to make my site more unique. At that time I was a big fan of and their photo-stories of super heroines in peril so I decided to create my own character that I could write and draw about and "Lady Ultra" was born. She was the focus for my first website, The Adventures of Lady Ultra and Co. She was inspired by supergirl with a few variations. She was not an alien and the origin of her powers were left ambiguous. I also made it a point to giver her an African-American background. There are so few racially diverse characters out there, especially super heroines that I wanted to make her even more unique.

Lady Ultra from
I had so much fun drawing and updating the site, which filled with cosplay of comic book and anime super heroines that I updated almost weekly for years. Then almost ten years later I had the opportunity to create another website; to showcase my own video stories and it was a no-brainer that my flagship character would be Lady Ultra and she starred in the first few stories before I branched into other characters.

So who is Lady Ultra?
I created an origin but it will be tweaked and re-vamped as we move on, especially when I start plans of doing a full movie which should be sooner than later.

Her real name is Monica Chase and lives and based out of the fictional city called "Sol City". As of right now, her civilian life will be pretty flexible because her main focus and passion is being Lady Ultra and everything else comes second. The source of her powers are a mystery even to her. One day she just found out she had powers and she believes she was given them in a spiritual sense for a purpose  to do good in the world.  She is a natural leader and inspires the other super heroines in her world.
"Dark Embrace" video at

She has super strength, invulnerability, flight and the ability to shoot energy from her hands. Her weakness is the if she uses her energy projection too much it weakens her. She is also at times over-confident which causes her to under-estimate her enemies.

So where is she now in her current storyline?
The last few videos, she was brainwashed into serving a criminal organization called C.L.A.S.H as "Dark Embrace" by their leader Domintia and became the villainess, Dark Ultra. She was instrumental in their growth of
"Dark Betrayal" video at
seen in
power as she defeated her fellow allies/super heroines. She was recently brought back to her senses when she was rescued by Crimson Cat and both heroines defeated Domintia and crippled C.L.A.S.H. Now she is focusing her energies in bringing in the former leaders of C.L.A.S.H to make sure the organization stays dead and they answer for their crimes.

"Return of Lady Ultra" video at
In "The Return of Lady Ultra", Lady Ultra is back to her old self and wearing her traditional costume. Her first target is one of CLASH most powerful members, Death Punch. The villainess has taken over a gang after defeating the super heroine of their city "Nightfox".

In this one video, Lady Ultra fights a villain that rival her in strength but surpasses her in ruthlessness.

So, where will we go now with Lady Ultra?

She will be facing a major old foe from the past for and episode or two and then encounter a major evil force to be reckoned with. This particular villain is brand new and so powerful, Lady Ultra must not only team up with other heroines to try and save the day but to just survive this new foe. During this storyline, I will have her suffer her most brutal defeat and her slow rise from the pit to overcome this threat.

Lady Ultra has always been my pride and joy and she has been a favorite of our fans too. I've been lucky to work with great actresses that was able to bring her to life and I look forward to where her stories will take her and I'm sure you will too.
Here are a few samples of Lady Ultra videos that can be found at :