Sunday, December 6, 2015

Recommend "Wonderful Girl" series from

Hey all,
For this installment I would like to do something different and recommend another Producer in the Super heroine genre which happens to be one of my favorites in this genre. is the leading website for news on anything related to superheroine productions. All the info you could want regarding superheroine websites including our own .

They also produce their own superheroine videos including one of my favorite series called "Wonderful Girl". Wonderful Girl is a heavily inspired by the Wonder Woman character in which she wears a very similar costume and has similar powers and background and she is played by Hannah Perez. Hannah does a phenomenal job as the superheroine and sells her performance very well.  You could see and feel her  when she's at full strength and when she is at her most helpless. This series would not have been as successful without her as she really dives into the role and gives a stellar performance every time.

What really sets this series apart from others is how well it is produced, it looks like something you would see on television by the looks alone. The series has great fight scenes, cool stories and are a bit on the racier/erotic side. So if you have Wonder Woman fantasies then these are the perfect videos for you. These videos are produced and distributed at and are directed and edited by Damien Woods, who runs his own superheroine video website: and features his own original superheroines.

The series starts with "Wonderful girl" and has 6 more sequels, ending with "Wonderful Girl: The Final Chapter". These videos could be seen as one long story or individually. I would say that my favorites are; "Wonderful Girl: The Return" and "Wonderful Girl: The Final Chapter".

Be sure to check out the Wonderful Girl series at, You won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

UltraHeroix Spotlight: Ghost Talon

Hi all,
"Ghost Talon"
For this spotlight I would like to put the focus on Ghost Talon. A super heroine with a magical background she is one of the more powerful characters in the Universe. She was originally a demon called Grim Talon who served Devla, the Vampire Sorceress.

Grim Talon
Grim Talon grew in power to the point where she felt that she didn't need to serve Devla anymore and she eventually turned on her master when she drained Devla and Lady Ultra's power.  It took the combined power of Devla and Lady Ultra to cast the demon back to the dark dimension. This was the start of a vicious rivalry between Devla and Grim Talon. This adventure could be seen in "Devla: Vampire Sorceress".

This continued on when Devla conjured a zombie to serve her and the two took on Grim Talon and easily defeated her. Devla had her revenge and
stripped Grim Talon of her power. With the dark power taken from her, all that remained was the light and she became Ghost Talon. This can be seen in "The Return of Devla".
"Devla's Revenge"

"Dark Betrayal"
As Ghost Talon, she became a more serious threat against Devla due to her being un-affected by a lot of Devla's dark powers, even the vampiric bite of Devla. Ghost Talon used her power to deal with super-natural threats, especially Devla, her sworn enemy.

Although Grim Talon is very powerful, which includes; super strength, energy projection, teleportation, magic casting and on rare occasions the ability to take new forms/change host bodies. She was still not powerful enough to defeat Dark Ultra even when she teamed up with Crimson Cat. as was seen in "Dark Betrayal". Now that Dark Ultra, has been dealt with, Grim Talon is focusing her attention back on super-natural/villainous threats, including Devla.

All of these adventures and soon to be more, can be seen at !

Devla, Vampire Sorceress
Devla's Revenge
Dark Betrayal

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dark Ultra saga

Dark Ultra
Hey folks! We are back for another installment in the Da jinx blog. For this, I'd like to go back to one of our past story lines featuring our premier heroine, Lady Ultra!

One of our longest and favorite story lines has been the Dark Ultra saga also known as the C.L.A.S.H  storyline. In this post I'd like to focus more on Dark Ultra and the effect she had in the world.

Dark Ultra and the whole C.L.A.S.H storyline came about when I wanted to shakeup things and have a big, multi-episode arc. The way to do that was to turn our premier super heroine, Lady Ultra evil. This storyline began in "Dark Embrace" with the introduction of Domintia. Domintia was to be a major boss level threat. She was stronger and more powerful than Lady Ultra and she led a criminal organization called C.L.A.S.H (Criminal Legion Against Super Heroes/Heroines).
"Dark Embrace"

          Domintia has ties to the Dominator, the first villain Lady Ultra defeated in "Ultra Domination", the first video adventure of . Domintia easily defeats Lady Ultra and uses a device created by another of Lady Ultra"s foes, Dr. Mindkill to turn her evil.  Lady Ultra becomes Dark Ultra, dons a new costume and becomes captain to Domintia's criminal legion to take over the city. The effects of this manipulation also boosts Lady Ultra's powers. This became evident when her fellow heroines, Crimson Cat and Ghost Talon tries to stop her but is easily dominated by Dark Ultra in "Dark Betrayal".

Dark Betrayal

With their defeat, the remaining heroines were overwhelmed and defeated in other story lines/videos and CLASH remained unstoppable until "Final Clash". In a last ditch effort by Crimson Cat, she was able to help bring Lady Ultra back to her senses and combined their power, skills and luck to put an end to Domintia and cripple C.L.A.S.H.

"Final Clash"
There has been a few residual effects from the Dark Ultra/CLASH storyline with Lady Ultra taking on a few remnants of C.L.A.S.H. and new vendettas has arisen.  A few questions remain, will Dark Ultra ever make another appearance and is C.L.A.S.H. gone for good. Only time will tell but the Dark Ultra saga has been one of the most exciting story lines we've ever done for !

Monday, August 10, 2015

UltraHeroix spotlight: Agent Wonder

Agent Wonder

Hey folks,
Cathy Lee Crosby "Wonder Woman"
I'm happy to introduce our newest character, "Agent Wonder"! At the first glimpse you can see that this character is inspired by the Cathy Lee Crosby version of Wonder Woman from the 1970's. I really liked that look and it was a shame that we only saw it once  and was mostly forgotten with the exception of a few fans, myself included. In that TV movie, Wonder Woman was more of a secret agent than a superhero.

So I decided to bring to bring the costume back and work with that background in the form of "Agent Wonder". Agent Wonder is a combo of Wonder Woman and Captain America, a patriotic character that work for a secret agency called S.H.A.R.D (Super Human Agency for Research and Defense). As an agent she handles super-human and other un-natural threats that are too much for ordinary agents to handle.

Agent Wonder Vs. Mentallix
She doesn't really have any super-powers other than being in peak human shape, great investigative ability and superb hand to hand combat skills. With these abilities she takes on super-villains, enemy agents and dangerous creatures that none other can handle. She would also team up with other super heroines to handle certain cases.

In our first video with this character, Agent Wonder tries to bring in a rogue agent called "Mentallix". A superhuman with psionic powers. Normally this would be more than a normal agent can handle but it's right up Agent Wonder's alley. Check it out here! Agent Wonder Video
Agent Wonder Vs. Mentallix

Agent Wonder Vs. Mentallix
I'm really having a lot of fun with this character in that I can put her in many different situations/scenarios and would guarantee a good fun story. In a future story, Agent Wonder will be a on a rescue mission of a super heroine that we haven't seen in awhile and down the line I plan to have her go up against a few monstrous creatures and the mad scientists that created them. So, there is no limit with this character.

 Be sure to check to check out her first video at and in the near future for even more adventures.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

UltraHeroix Spotlight: Swiftgirl

Hi everyone,
I would like to put the spotlight on one of our most popular characters, Swiftgirl.  From her very first video on , Swiftgirl has been our breakout character and is often getting tons of requests to do more videos on.

The Swiftgirl character is inspired by the classic Supergirl character, which is why her costume and powers are very similar. She has super strength, invulnerability, flight, super breathe and laser vision.  She also has similar weaknesses. Like a a green crystal that weakens her and a vulnerability to magic.

Swiftgirl's real name Cor-El and she was sent from another dimension by her scientist father, when her world was embroiled in war by the Warlord Vod and his minions (including Swiftgirl's sister Nuclea) to save her life. When she arrives in the UltraHeroix dimension, she gains her new super abilities and now fights for justice. Her character is nowhere as strong as Supergirl but she is still the most powerful super heroine in the UltraHeroix Universe

In her first video, "Swift Moves" it has been established that Swiftgirl has been an active super heroine for awhile and has taken on a few villains and has always been victorious. One of her most tenacious foes is Mr. Oblivion, a Lex Luthor type character and his hench-woman Tessa. While Mr. oblivion had a vision of riches and powers to be gained through illegal activity, he was always stopped by Swiftgirl. Tessa on the other hand, has a deep hatred and jealousy for Swiftgirl. Tessa had to work hard to become one of strongest women in the world, Swiftgirl was simply blessed with her abilities. So Tessa, finds every opportunity to prove superiority over Swiftgirl but is often humiliated by Swiftgirl. In "Swift Moves" and "Swift Outrage", Mr. Oblivion and Tessa manages to capture Swiftgirl in scheme to steal her power and Tessa takes the opportunity to pummel the powerless Swiftgirl and in the process killing her boss, Mr. Oblivion. In the end, Swiftgirl defeats the villainess but not before Tessa gain new resources and confidence in dealing with Swiftgirl.

We then go to the biggest Swiftgirl and UltraHeroix story lines, the  "Swift Reunion" storyline. In 4 videos we see the arrival of the Warlord Vod to our dimension as he brings his brother Gorn and Swiftgirl's evil sister, Nuclea. After destroying their home world they set their sights on Swiftgirl's new home. The villains overwhelm the young heroine and not even the arrival of another powerful super heroine, American Amazon could save her in "Swift Showdown".

The story carries over to the "Power of Vod" as Vod holds Swiftgirl captive as he searches for a device to help him take over the world. American Amazon returns to help Swiftgirl defeat the leader and finally in "Swift Victory" Swiftgirl takes on the remainder of Vod's gang alone in a final battle to close out the Swift Reunion/Vod storyline.

Now that this storyline is over, we are gearing up to take on the next Swiftgirl storyline.  In the years of UltraHeroix we were very lucky to find awesome actresses to take on the Swiftgirl role and we look forward to bringing you more Swiftgirl stories.

Some idea I'm tossing around is Swiftgirl dealing with an alien invasion, mutants, evil cyborgs and supernatural threats. The only limit is my imagination and budget.

Be sure to check out the Swiftgirl adventures at

Friday, June 5, 2015

Movie review, "Athena: The Goddess Of War"

Hi folks, I finally got my DVD copy of “Athena: The Goddess of war” from Maiden Network. The Maiden Network is a new streaming channel that you could subscribe to like Netflix and Hulu. This channel focuses primarily on Heroine and female driven-action programs/shows which I think is great, especially for the superheroine genre. One of their first joint productions is a super-heroine film called “Athena: Goddess of war”. This character is very similar to wonder woman in her appearance, powers and greek mythology background.

In this story it appears that her enemy is Persephone, another Goddess that is bent on taking over the world and it is up to Athena to stop her. It is mostly set up in a small town and Athena is assisted by a few citizens and government agents. The production is pretty good for a small budget film like this and the special effects are pretty good, it’s pretty apparent that it was done by After Effects which can be brought for your home computer but still looks pretty good. The major negative that I have for this film is in the acting. Most of the main characters seems stiff and or lifeless, especially the villainess. The villainess character is very powerful and usually has the upper-hand over the heroine Athena but
unfortunately, we don’t feel that from the actress.

The storyline itself is pretty simple but effective and the heroine goes through a lot of challenges and is defeated a few times and is often in peril which I think is great as it shows the heroine powerful but also very vulnerable and the final fight scene between Athena and cyber warrior was pretty cool as the monster gains the upper hand in the fight. Another aspect that I found pretty cool is the reverse damsel in distress plot. Usually the male hero’s love interest is the one in danger and must be saved or motivate the hero but in this case it was good to see the roles reversed with Athena’s love interest in that role of the relationship.

I’d say give “Athena: The Goddess of war” a view if you’re a fan of the super heroine genre. It was done on a smaller scale compared to more high budget/main stream productions and I feel that is what is the film’s biggest strength. I could also see that the director/producer has a real love for the character and genre as it shows in this film.  It also gives me more motivation to do a bigger movie production on one of my main characters. It’s also worth checking out Maiden Network. It’s in the early stages as a new network but can develop into a premier site for fans of the superheroine/heroine genre.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

It's been a few years since a major comic book movie milestone called "The Avengers" hit us. The effects were incredible, never has a number of movie franchise characters combined forces into one movie to become a major hit. This became Marvel's biggest success and spurred DC to get off their butts and create their own movie Universe to hopefully create the "Justice League" movie we've all been waiting for decades.

Now we have "Age of Ultron" and it has been worth the wait. "Age of Ultron" is a worthy successor to the previous "Avengers" movie. All of our favorites make their return; Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Hulk. The chemistry is there and even improves.

The storyline here takes place a few years after the alien invasion of New York from the first Avengers movie. The team is working together to put an end to an evil organization called Hydra that continues to exist and has acquired the alien tech. These battles and the feeling of an impending alien invasion spurs Tony Stark, AKA "Iron Man" with the help of Bruce Banner, AKA "Hulk"to create Ultron. An artificial Intelligence derived from the alien tech to help defend the Earth from the dangers
of invaders. But Ultron comes to realization that the main threat to the world is mankind which has to be destroyed. The main obstacle to his plan is the Avengers. Ultron is joined by 2 other super-powered individuals called "Quick Silver" and "Scarlette Witch" that gives our heroes more than they can handle and they are forced to regroup and try to save the world.

Two of my favorite scenes are: The party scene in the Avengers tower after their most recent victory. There are great character interactions that are both humorous and character building. The second is the Hulk/Hulkbuster fight that is as destructive and awesome as you would imagine.

This was an awesome movie and although it doesn't match the awe inspiring moments of the first Avengers movie it has a number of cool moments and a great story-line. This movies also sets up the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as there are new heroes and villains on the horizon.

This is a must see!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Movie Review: "Furious Seven"

The "Fast and the Furious" has become one of my favorite movie franchises. It had it humbled beginnings as a street racing movie to an international spy movie with cars. Which is where we are now with the "Furious Seven", the seventh film in this franchise. Unfortunately, it is also the last movie starring Paul Walker, who died back in November 2013 in ironically a car crash.

I am happy to say that this movie is good, silly fun that allows you to escape from the real world. All the major players are back, including Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Duane "The Rock" Johnson who adds so much to the franchise with just his presence that I can't see it going on without him.

As far as plot goes, Jason Statham plays the main villain in this sequel as he avenges his brother who has been crippled by the FF crew as he tries to maim and kill each member of Vin Diesel's racing family. We are then introduced to new members to the racing family as they race all over the world on various missions for the government to eventually bring down Statham's character. There tons of awesome fight scenes and stunts that would keep you on the edge of your seat.

The film ends with a great tribute to Paul Walker that would definitely make you shed a tear. It's most likely that the franchise will carry on but it also wraps up in a way that this could be the perfect bookend to this group's story.

My review:
*See it now!*

If you're a fan of action movies, fast cars and gorgeous women then this is a must see!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Star Trek heroines and introducing Luna Starr

We had some sad news this week as Leonard Nimoy, also known as Mr. Spock from the original cast of Star Trek has passed away. He was always one of my favorite actors and played one of the most iconic characters of all time. He was ahed of his time and will be missed.

Lt. Uhura
Lt. Uhura
Which leads to the main topic of this post, the Star Trek heroine characters. There has been many heroine characters including Captain Janeway, Seven of Nine and Counsellor Troi but I would like to focus on the female characters of the original series. They had a few good action and perilous scenes but the thing I loved most was their sexy mini-skirted uniforms.

The first I would like to start with is my favorite Uhura. She was one of black characters in a main Science Fiction television show. She not only looked great but she had an active role on the show as one of the most important officers on the ship as the communication officer. She also took part occasionally as a member of the away team and actually had a few combat scenes. Unfortunately, it wasn't too often and she mostly stayed on the bridge but when she was in the action it was pretty cool. She even had a few peril scenes. The best episodes with her was "The Arena" and "Space Seed".

Yeoman, Janice Rand
Janice Rand is another favorite, Her position was that as Yeoman and she acted more as an assistant to Captain Kirk. She was initially supposed to be a love interest for Captain Kirk but the show moved away from that and she was soon gone from the show. She had a few cool episodes including a peril-some scene in "The Enemy Within".

Dr. Helen Noel
Another great Star Trek heroine is, Dr. Helen Noel. A psychiatrist that accompanied Captain Kirk on an away mission. They were investigating a mental asylum type base, where Kirk ended up being mentally manipulated and she played a pivotal role in beating the bad guys. There were a couple of perilous scenes including a brief but cool fight between her and a bigger orderly. Unfortunately, she was in only one episode but it is one of my favorites.
"Dagger of the Mind"

Nurse Chapel

Created by Themulator11 on Deviantart
Another cool character is Nurse Chapel, Assistant to Dr. McCoy. She was in a lot of episodes assisting Dr. McCoy. She was played be Majel Roddenberry, wife of series creator Gene Roddenberry. Although she primarily played a minor role, she did have one episode where she beamed down with Captain Kirk. The episode was called "The Manuever". She also developed a crush on Mr. Spock that went nowhere.  There are other female character that played roles in the original episodes but I feel these heroines were the best. One of my major gripes is that there wasn't more episodes where the female officers played a more active roles in action and peril. That is one of the major reasons why I created a new character called "Luna Starr". Her character is heavily influenced by Star Trek but I wanted to add Flash Gordon element in that there is more action and peril. So far, fans seems to enjoy it.  In this story, Luna Starr is investigating the disappearance of a fellow Space Agent. She comes across space pirates and she is soon fighting for her life as she tries to rescue her friend and bring the pirates to justice.
While creating this blog, I found some art on Deviant art by Themulator11, It is definitely worth checking out if you love seeing the Star Trek ladies in perilous situations.
Luna Starr on

Star Trek Continues, fan film series
Lt. McKennah
*UPDATE* I also found new ladies of Star Trek, Thanks to the fan film series "Star Trek Continues". These are a continuation of the original Star Trek series done by fans today. The original characters are featured and a new one named, "Lt. McKennah" that acts as the ships psychiatrist. Despite being a Doctor, she does have some action in the episodes.  Check out their adventures here!