Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jungle Heroines

Seeing as we're in the middle of Summer I figured we'll focus on a special breed of heroines and that would be heroines of the jungle.  For awhile these ladies rival the popularity of their super heroine peers and in  a lot of cases they still do.

So let's focus on some of the more popular Jungle heroines. Everyone knows of "Jane" Tarzan's wife. Also known as Jane of the Jungle. She is
probably the most famous of the jungle heroines.

SHEENA: Queen of the Jungle. Sheena's origin is quite simple. She was an orphan who lived in the jungle and learned to communicate with animals. Her character was created in 1938. She had many comic book series, a movie and a television from 2000-2002.
I might do a movie review of the Sheena movie in the future but to give you an idea of it's background; It was produced in 1984 and starred Tanya Roberts. It wasn't a huge hit but manage to build up a cult following. In the future we might yet to see a new version in some form but for now we would most likely see her in the comic book form.

The next jungle heroine is Nyoka, The Jungle girl. She was created in 1941 and she was in a few movie serials during that time.

Nyoka's origin is that her family settled in Africa to treat and heal the natives, although it also seems Cult Retro" made some newer adventures which can be seen at .
like it was a way to get away from a criminal affair that her family was wrapped up in. As she grew up into a young woman she became a protector of the jungle and it's inhabitants. In her many
adventures she often ends up in peril and cliffhangers, part of the fun was seeing how she escaped from these situations.

These are just a few of the jungle heroines, others include Marvel Comics, Shanna the She-Devil. Wife Of Ka-Zaar nd they both defend the Savage Land. A hidden world in the Antartic where prehistoric creatures and mutants live.