Friday, June 5, 2015

Movie review, "Athena: The Goddess Of War"

Hi folks, I finally got my DVD copy of “Athena: The Goddess of war” from Maiden Network. The Maiden Network is a new streaming channel that you could subscribe to like Netflix and Hulu. This channel focuses primarily on Heroine and female driven-action programs/shows which I think is great, especially for the superheroine genre. One of their first joint productions is a super-heroine film called “Athena: Goddess of war”. This character is very similar to wonder woman in her appearance, powers and greek mythology background.

In this story it appears that her enemy is Persephone, another Goddess that is bent on taking over the world and it is up to Athena to stop her. It is mostly set up in a small town and Athena is assisted by a few citizens and government agents. The production is pretty good for a small budget film like this and the special effects are pretty good, it’s pretty apparent that it was done by After Effects which can be brought for your home computer but still looks pretty good. The major negative that I have for this film is in the acting. Most of the main characters seems stiff and or lifeless, especially the villainess. The villainess character is very powerful and usually has the upper-hand over the heroine Athena but
unfortunately, we don’t feel that from the actress.

The storyline itself is pretty simple but effective and the heroine goes through a lot of challenges and is defeated a few times and is often in peril which I think is great as it shows the heroine powerful but also very vulnerable and the final fight scene between Athena and cyber warrior was pretty cool as the monster gains the upper hand in the fight. Another aspect that I found pretty cool is the reverse damsel in distress plot. Usually the male hero’s love interest is the one in danger and must be saved or motivate the hero but in this case it was good to see the roles reversed with Athena’s love interest in that role of the relationship.

I’d say give “Athena: The Goddess of war” a view if you’re a fan of the super heroine genre. It was done on a smaller scale compared to more high budget/main stream productions and I feel that is what is the film’s biggest strength. I could also see that the director/producer has a real love for the character and genre as it shows in this film.  It also gives me more motivation to do a bigger movie production on one of my main characters. It’s also worth checking out Maiden Network. It’s in the early stages as a new network but can develop into a premier site for fans of the superheroine/heroine genre.

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