Saturday, June 27, 2015

UltraHeroix Spotlight: Swiftgirl

Hi everyone,
I would like to put the spotlight on one of our most popular characters, Swiftgirl.  From her very first video on , Swiftgirl has been our breakout character and is often getting tons of requests to do more videos on.

The Swiftgirl character is inspired by the classic Supergirl character, which is why her costume and powers are very similar. She has super strength, invulnerability, flight, super breathe and laser vision.  She also has similar weaknesses. Like a a green crystal that weakens her and a vulnerability to magic.

Swiftgirl's real name Cor-El and she was sent from another dimension by her scientist father, when her world was embroiled in war by the Warlord Vod and his minions (including Swiftgirl's sister Nuclea) to save her life. When she arrives in the UltraHeroix dimension, she gains her new super abilities and now fights for justice. Her character is nowhere as strong as Supergirl but she is still the most powerful super heroine in the UltraHeroix Universe

In her first video, "Swift Moves" it has been established that Swiftgirl has been an active super heroine for awhile and has taken on a few villains and has always been victorious. One of her most tenacious foes is Mr. Oblivion, a Lex Luthor type character and his hench-woman Tessa. While Mr. oblivion had a vision of riches and powers to be gained through illegal activity, he was always stopped by Swiftgirl. Tessa on the other hand, has a deep hatred and jealousy for Swiftgirl. Tessa had to work hard to become one of strongest women in the world, Swiftgirl was simply blessed with her abilities. So Tessa, finds every opportunity to prove superiority over Swiftgirl but is often humiliated by Swiftgirl. In "Swift Moves" and "Swift Outrage", Mr. Oblivion and Tessa manages to capture Swiftgirl in scheme to steal her power and Tessa takes the opportunity to pummel the powerless Swiftgirl and in the process killing her boss, Mr. Oblivion. In the end, Swiftgirl defeats the villainess but not before Tessa gain new resources and confidence in dealing with Swiftgirl.

We then go to the biggest Swiftgirl and UltraHeroix story lines, the  "Swift Reunion" storyline. In 4 videos we see the arrival of the Warlord Vod to our dimension as he brings his brother Gorn and Swiftgirl's evil sister, Nuclea. After destroying their home world they set their sights on Swiftgirl's new home. The villains overwhelm the young heroine and not even the arrival of another powerful super heroine, American Amazon could save her in "Swift Showdown".

The story carries over to the "Power of Vod" as Vod holds Swiftgirl captive as he searches for a device to help him take over the world. American Amazon returns to help Swiftgirl defeat the leader and finally in "Swift Victory" Swiftgirl takes on the remainder of Vod's gang alone in a final battle to close out the Swift Reunion/Vod storyline.

Now that this storyline is over, we are gearing up to take on the next Swiftgirl storyline.  In the years of UltraHeroix we were very lucky to find awesome actresses to take on the Swiftgirl role and we look forward to bringing you more Swiftgirl stories.

Some idea I'm tossing around is Swiftgirl dealing with an alien invasion, mutants, evil cyborgs and supernatural threats. The only limit is my imagination and budget.

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