Saturday, November 19, 2016

UltraHeroix Spotlight: Megagirl


Hi Everyone,
After a little break we are back with the spotlight on our newest Superheroine...Megagirl! She is another another heroine for . This character is another Supergirl inspired heroine like Swiftgirl. She has the similar powers, weaknesses and origins but this version of the Supergirl inspired heroine is black and from another dimension.

Add "Megagirl: The Grim Trials"

Megagirl, as of now exists in another dimension...different from the one Lady Ultra and Swiftgirl exists in. I did this to be able to give her different story lines that won't interfere with the other heroines and to give her own distinct feel. I also feel we should have more African American super heroine 's and this would be a cool twist.

Add "Megagirl: The Grim Trials"

Which brings us to our first story with her, "Megagirl: The Grim Trials". In this story, Megagirl encounters one of our most powerful villains...Grimskull. Megagirl never encountered a powerful villain like this before and at first is very confident but soon the table turn as the villain gains the upper hand.
"Megagirl: The Grim Trials"

Grimskull is a demon from a dark dimension where he abduct people with great power and drains them to sustain himself and his home dimension. He follows a particular set of rules where he must defeat his foe 3 times to get their power while his opponent must only defeat him once. This is harder than it sounds because Grimskull has dark powers that allows him to change form, manipulate energy and open portals besides having great strength and durability. We have met Grimskull before when he fought Dynafly and she was only narrowly able to escape.

"Megagirl: The Grim Trials"

In this story Grimskull has been observing Megagirl for some time and gauged her strength and powers. He sees her as great source of energy. He also discovered her weaknesses in particular magic and Kryptonite. He uses his powers to create a storm and force Megagirl to him in his lair. They battle and after each of his victory Grimskull changes form to battle our heroine until she is thoroughly beaten and weakened for him to carry off into his dimension as his prisoner.

Add "Megagirl: The Grim Trials"

Monica Jade plays Megagirl and she does a phenomenal job in the role portraying the character very heroically and in peril. Check it out at !

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