Friday, July 18, 2014

The "Electra Elf and Fluffer" Show

Hey all, For this update I want to review another show based on an little know super heroine but is definitely in the super heroine in peril genre called "Electra Elf and Fluffer". I used to watch this show on a public access channel on Mondays at midnight and I found it kinda cool and fun, although something you would have to be aware of is that it has a strong liberal political but sexual undertones.
It had some interesting stories and the special effects, although definitely not top notch by any standards it does a good enough job to get the story across like when Electra Elf is flying in the sky fighting demons or is underwater challenging mermen.

The main character is a reporter named Jennifer Swallows, whose secret identity is that of "Electra Elf". This character is played by an actress named Rev Jen and she does a great job playing the heroine as powerful, cocky and campy but knows how to play the peril part very part very well too. Her powers appear to be flight, ability to shoot beams of energy and super-strength when she changes into her elf-like form. Every episode has her in some sort of peril but is able to overcome it and wins in the end.  She usually wraps up the episode with a moral message.  This heroine is joined by her talking-dog sidekick called Fluffer, I'll admit the dog sidekick is unique but gets annoying after awhile with it's squeaky voice.

The villains are pretty hit and miss, some are pretty cool with good costumes while others look kinda lame with combination of knock-off costume parts but most of the time they get her in good perilous situations with traps and fight scenes.  I must admit, This show also gives me some inspiration for future stories that I plan to do in the future for, like having the heroine fight monsters and other creatures and using more of the green screen. Although they look campy, it does help the story along and I do enjoy the
campy look. One of my favorite episodes is when Electra Elf infiltrates a fraternity that has a criminal influence and is captured and tortured by the frat brothers only to be rescued later by an unlikely hero.

In the end, The series was fun, campy and will be always be guilty pleasure. If you are a fan of the super heroine in peril genre then this is worth a view."Electra Elf" was one of those shows that gave me the motivation to do something that I would enjoy in in that you don't need a huge budget but a love in what you do and the end result will be an enjoyable one.  Although there has been no new episodes for years, you could still find the whole episodes on youtube by just doing a search under "Electra Elf". Here is a youtube channel to check out Grave Rob Youtube channel .
Here is the trailer/intro for the show.

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