Thursday, July 3, 2014

UltraHeroix Spotlight: Crimson Cat

Hi all, I hope everyone will enjoy this July 4th weekend and to start it off by enjoying this overdue post.
For this outing I'm going to put the spotlight on one of my (and a lot of fan's) favorite, "Crimson Cat". She was the second character I created over 10 years ago after Lady Ultra and I used her in a few drawings in my original website, so I was especially eager to bring her to life when I created

When I was thinking of character I knew I wanted a Ninja. Someone with no super-powers but great fighting skills. She also had to have a lethal side and questionable background in that she was also a mercenary. I was able to touch on this in her first solo adventure in "Crimson Clash" as she took on "Mauler".

Here is her original origin:

Little is known about the masked adventurer known as as the "Crimson Cat" other than she is a trained ninja. She has been known to do mercenary work for both law enforcement  and criminally inclined employers although she has in recent times fought solely on the side of good. Due to her background and nature, she prefers to work alone and sees other heroines as amateurs.

Recently though, she has been coming to the aid of her fellow suer heroines and becoming a vital team player against the criminal organization "C.L.A.S.H", especially Lady Ultra whom she has developed a deep friendship. 

Over the various story lines, we have seen her character evolved into more of a team-player, often coming to the aid of her fellow super-heroines and leaving her mercenary ties behind. I've had the pleasure working with same actress who portrays Crimson Cat from the very beginning to now. She has always been our most gung-ho worker and always have a lot of fun playing the part which really translates well in the videos and made her and Crimson Cat a fan favorite.

What we have in store for Crimson Cat is more adventures with our feline heroine, fighting other villains and monsters. Including some old foes that are itching to have revenge on her so she better be careful cause she's running short of her nine lives.

Here are a few videos featuring Crimson Cat:

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