Saturday, May 3, 2014

Welcome to Da Jinx Blog...

Hi all and welcome to the first posting of "Da Jinx Blog"! This is a new feature for that I would like to use to interact with you fans. What you will find here is a new posting (at least) once a week on various topics ranging from news/updates on to reviews on movies, comics, other super heroine related videos from other producers and anything else that I think would be cool to share.

You'll also see more pics from past, current and future releases of our videos. So there'll be a reason to visit besides to see if/when the next video is up.

For your first treat, is the pic of our lead and flagship character, "Lady Ultra" back in her red and white costume after a very long time from being in black as Dark Ultra. You'll be seeing her soon against a new version of "Death Punch" in the upcoming video…"Lady Ultra Returns" only at !

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